Tuesday Tip: Beware of Thieves!

I’ve always considered myself fairly savvy when it comes to petty crime. While in London, though, my friend saved me from a phone thief.

The scam is thus: Thief comes into a restaurant/bar/cafe. This being the age it is, many of the customers will have their phones on the table. Thief pretends he is selling magazines/newspapers and goes to a table with a phone on it. Thief puts the magazine over the phone on the table, palming the phone while he displays what he’s pretending to sell.

The customers at the table are in the middle of conversation and, annoyed, quickly dismiss the thief. They don’t notice he’s taken the phone with them until it’s too late.

My friend had nearly lost her phone to such a thief while in Paris. So when the paper went over my phone as we were sitting at our favorite hot pot restaurant, she lurched across the table and grabbed the phone away. The thief ran off.

The simplest remedy would be to just not keep your phone on tables, but, if you’re like me and your phone has become an additional appendage, that’s not going to happen. I hope, then, that this cautionary tale helps keep your favorite possession safe!

Have you been the victim or attempted victim of a thief while on holiday? If so, please share your story with us!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Beware of Thieves!

  1. There a plenty of “modus operandi” like that inside cafes and restaurants which is not limited to smartphones but it extends to other valuable belongings! This incidents mostly occurs in most tourist places and overpopulated cities. Being vigilant and observant to your surrounding is indispensable! (^.-)


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