Tuesday Tip: Freud Museum

His theories may not be held in high regard by modern-day practitioners, but Sigmund Freud is no doubt the most famous psychologist to have ever lived.

Freud and his family fled Nazi-controlled Austria for the safety of London in 1938, settling into a gorgeous home in northern Hampstead.

Freud only lived here for one year, as he succumbed to painful throat cancer in 1939. In his final months, he spent countless hours in the garden, tending to the plants and taking comfort in their beauty. “Flowers are restful to look at,” he said. “They have neither emotions nor conflicts.”

Freud’s house and beloved garden have been preserved for future generations as the Freud Museum. Here, you can see his famous psychoanalytic couch on which patients would recline as they shared their stories. You can tour the gardens that so enthralled him, enjoy the beauty of surrounding Hampstead, and purchase ridiculous mementos from the gift shop.

The Freud Museum is open Wednesday-Sunday, 12-5 PM. Adult admission is £7. Scenic Hampstead Heath is less than a mile away; if you visit the Museum I encourage a stop to the Heath as well!


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