Tuesday Tip: Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims

Sure, you could celebrate US Thanksgiving with your relatives, but if you happen to be in London this Thursday you have a better option (well, depending on the quality of your relatives): dinner at The Mayflower Pub.

Originally called the Spread Eagle, the Mayflower is the oldest pub on the Thames. That alone would be interesting, but for Americans there is an additional appeal–it is from here that the original Mayflower began its course to America in 1620.

The pub offers a special set meal on Thanksgiving including all the hallmarks of the traditional American feast (as well as vegetarian options!). What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by dining at the point from which the Pilgrims set sail?

The Mayflower Pub will be open from 11 AM-11 PM this Thursday, with dinner service from 6-9:30 PM. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Located in Rotherhithe Village, London; the Rotherhithe rail station is the closest overground stop.

Full disclosure: I attempted to go to The Mayflower on Thanksgiving many years ago by walking there from Southwark. I never made it. If you do go, share your adventure with me in the comments below!


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