Tuesday Tip: Nat Geo Museum

It’s not free like many other DC museums, but the National Geographic Museum is well worth a visit.

Located near the White House, Nat Geo is perfect for inquisitive tourists and those tired of the sometimes-stuffy buildings on the National Mall. It also tends to be less crowded than its Smithsonian cousins and offers some of the East Coast’s best science-focused exhibits.

The current highlight is Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous. The largest of all predatory dinosaurs, Spinosaurus was discovered more than 100 years ago but somehow never gained the notoriety of fellow carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In Nat Geo’s exhibition, visitors will see a full-sized Spinosaurus model, ogle real dinosaur fossils, and trace the discovery and re-discovery of the ancient giant.

If you’re anything like this wannabe-paleontologist (and wannabe-astronomer…and wannabe-physicist…) the Nat Geo Museum is the place for you!

The Nat Geo Museum is open daily, 10AM-6PM. Adult tickets are $11 and can be purchased online. Special note: To celebrate National Fossil Day on October 15, Nat Geo is offering a buy one, get one free admission deal for entries on that day. Use promo code FOSSIL at purchase (purchase must be made online).


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