Tuesday Tip: Beachcombing the Thames

London has existed in some form for more than 2000 years. You could learn about the city at the excellent Museum of London, but for those who like a bit more adventure with their history there’s another option: Thames Beachcombing with London Walks.

Guide Fiona picks you up at the Mansion House tube exit and takes you down to the Thames. She’ll tell you about marine wildlife and point out animals like the Thames eel that you might not otherwise notice. Then you’ll explore the human archaeological remains along the shore. You may find mediaeval roof tiles, Elizabethan clay pipes, Roman coins, or even Mesolithic tools.

And, the best part: you can take what you find home with you! Forget the cheap plastic souvenirs; you have a real piece of London to remember your holiday!

London Walks is an official walking-tour company with outstanding guides to take you around the city. Simply show up at that walk’s corresponding tube stop–there’s no need to reserve a space nor pay in advance. Most tours cost £9 (well worth it!), last about two hours, and run rain or shine. Beachcombing tours happen a few times a month.

But if beachcombing is not for you, there are also many daily tours from which to choose. I also heartily recommend Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness, Hidden Pubs of Old London Town, and any tour given by Richard III.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Beachcombing the Thames

  1. This is a great recommendation – I live in London but hadn’t heard of London Walks (I’d done a few Street Art tours but this must be a different company) The Ghosts & Guinness sounds right up my alley!


    • I went on London Walks all the time even when I lived there – it’s such a cool way to explore the city and learn new things. I highly recommend going!

      There are several pub walks (right up my alley, too!) but the ghost-related ones are the most fun, I think. Let me know if you go!


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