Tuesday Tip: Get Thee to Baltimore

Washington, DC, gets millions of visitors each year. Virtually none of those visitors make the 35-mile trip to DC’s northern neighbor, Baltimore. This is understandable, as tourists might not have access to a car or, if they do, can’t manage the traffic on I-95.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this problem: MARC Trains.

MARC is the commuter line in Maryland, and until recently it only ran on weekdays. As of 2014, however, the MARC Penn Line–the Baltimore-to-DC route–runs a weekend schedule. Pick it up in DC’s centrally located Union Station, and $7 and approximately 45 minutes later, you’ll be in Baltimore’s Penn Station. Once there, you’re just a short cab ride away from Hampden, Fell’s Point, the Inner Harbor, or anywhere else you fancy.

Picture of the Owl Bar in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s The Owl Bar, a former speakeasy that’s a 2-minute drive or an 8-minute walk from Penn Station

Stay for the day, and then whisk back to DC for another $7 later that night. It really couldn’t be more convenient. And you’ll save yourself (at least) $18 a return ticket by not using Amtrak.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Get Thee to Baltimore

    • Funny you should ask, as I originally had a line in this post about The Wire. Baltimore is like any working-class city, really. There are certainly parts you don’t want to visit, and some areas that seem okay in the daytime can get dicey after dark. But most of the places a tourist would visit are fine. Again, like any city, you don’t want to wave around money or keep your car unlocked, but so long as you’re sensible, it’s relatively safe. Most of the really hard violence (like Wire-esque stuff) is relegated to parts of towns no tourist would ever be in.


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