A Tasteful Review of International Brews

One of my favorite memories from all my travels comes from an overnight visit to Cobh, Ireland. The small, seaport town is dominated by a huge church lording over the city from atop a hill, but beyond that I don’t know much about Cobh and am only there overnight.

My friend and I end up in a pub near our hostel. A piano man is there, his voice scratchy and indelicate, his fingers slamming down on the keys like an elephant. The room is completely packed. He rasps through Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” and everyone gets a bit weepy.

He makes playful banter throughout his set. At one point, he holds up his glass to the crowd. “What have I here?”

“Guinness!” everyone drunkenly responds.

He nods and chugs what remains until just an inch or so remains in his glass. He fills it with water. “And what have I now?”

We all glance around, confused.

A mischievous grin creeps across his face. “Budweiser!”

I will never look at Budweiser the same way again.


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