Cruising on the Nile

I’ve only been on two river cruises in my life, but they were biggies: the Nile (2007) and the Yangtze (2010). I love slowly drifting along the water, the sights constantly changing, the shore just close enough that if the thing sinks you can swim to land.

Never been on the Nile? Here are some of the things you might experience!

1. German Tourists in Speedos

For some reason (probably because we’re Western), my friend, our two British tourmates, and I are relegated to the German river cruise. Why those Germans felt the need to sunbathe mostly nude in a Muslim country, I will never know.

Picture of riverboat on the Nile in Egypt

Not trying to body-shame the folks on deck, just find it really, really odd

2. Marriage Proposals

Yes, if you are a Western woman touring Egypt you most likely will be approached with offers of marriage. My going rate for the 12-year-old suitor eyeing me in a crowded marketplace was something like 37 camels. Aww, yeah.

But things are a little weirder when the proposals come from someone you are stuck on a boat with for the next several days. And even more weird when you later catch the man in question videotaping you with a giant, 20-year-old camcorder. I know you’re trying to be inconspicuous, sir, but unfortunately your 40-pound recording device is not blending in with the deck chairs.

3. 1910s Accommodations

I mean that in a positive way–the rooms made me think of the Orient Express and old-world charm. Simply adorable.

Picture of the cabin on a Nile riverboat in Egypt

A lotus flower ends the day

4. Stunning Views

Picture of Nile scenery in Egypt

Picture of Nile scenery in Egypt

Picture of birds along the Nile in Egypt

Massive flock of birds

Picture of a mosque along the Nile in Egypt

Picture of Nile scenery in Egypt

Picture of bridge on the Nile in Egypt

Have you been on a river cruise? What was your favorite part?


3 thoughts on “Cruising on the Nile

  1. Great photos! The nearest I have been to a cruise was crossing Lake Nasser on a ferry from Wadi Halfa in the Sudan. Although the views of Abu Simbel were sublime, I was mighty relieved to arrive on shore and take the train down into Aswan.


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