Visit Tate Britain (From Your Computer)

Love to travel but don’t have the funds? Visit one of London’s most famous art galleries from the comfort of your couch! Starting tonight (August 13th) and running through Sunday, you can take a robot on a cruise through Tate Britain.

Log on to Tate’s After Dark website tonight after 5PM EST. There, you will be able to take the controls of one of four robots roaming the Tate galleries. Ogle one of the Pre-Raphaelites or a commissioned painting of Queen Elizabeth I. Direct the robot to a Turner, or swing by modern photography. Or just watch the robots’ live stream as people from around the world take the reins.

After Dark is the recipient of the Porter Foundation’s IK Prize, which is awarded for an original idea that uses the power of digital technology to connect Tate’s collection to a wider audience. The robots themselves have been created in collaboration with RAL Space.

Picture of robot visiting sculpture at Tate Britain (picture from Tate Britain)

Robot visits a sculpture in Tate Britain (image from Tate Britain)


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